Time Keeps On slippen….

I went to my buddy Zack’s graduation party last night. It was a really great time, lots of people, some I knew, some I didn’t. The overall vibe was positive and that made me feel comfortable. Towards the end of the night things started to get a little out of hand, nothing too crazy just the occasional over-intoxicated partier or rowdy confrontation. Started with a lot of food like Pizza and chips to help soak the booze up, by the end of the night all the food was eaten, and things just got belligerent from there.

At some point I had to switch to water and start sobering up just for the sake of not being the guy to break every piece of glass in the bathroom, (and yes that shit actually happened) but I didn’t stop having a good time, everyone there was just so happy to be together having a good time. Music was loud and the laughter was louder, it was one of those type of nights. Where even though we may have all had some shit in the back of our minds that under any other circumstance would be picking and scratching at our attention span, we all just put that aside and decided that tonight would be all about having a good time.

It makes me sad as all hell that many of my friends will not be returning to college with me next semester. Ive grown to really like them and the fact that they are graduated and transferring out to university is really bitter sweet. On one hand I’m so happy for my colleagues and what the have accomplished and what they will go on to accomplish. On the other hand I don’t like change, and we always have a good time when we get together. Will there still be times like last night? Most likely, and even if it isn’t then thats fine too, because I’m so grateful for the times we have spent together.

There was a moment where we were all just strangers meeting for the first time, now we have gotten to a point where we all share a common relationship. Just a bunch of journalists figuring their shit out, taking it step by step, meeting new people, forming new bonds, and hanging out to passing the time.


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