Less Bitching, More Writing

I am so up to my neck in work I just want to scream, I shouldn’t even be writing this, but I’ve come to a place in my life where writing is my escape… from writing.

I can’t complain, even though it may sound like I am, truth be told if I didn’t have any work to do I would freak out. I need to keep busy, its how I maintain my work ethic. I can’t ever break pace, I can’t ever be stagnant, and I always have to give it everything I possibly can. That masochistic mentality is what I like to call: The Award Winning Work Ethic. I call it that because when you pair that work ethic with organization, persistence, and patience you can, and will become the best person you could possibly be.

I would be a liar if it told you I was without my flaws, they’re a dime a dozen. In my opinion, I have more problems then an algebra textbook, but journalistic work is my therapy. When I throw myself into my work all my problems seem to fade into the background, and the only thing I can think about is getting my story done (on deadline if applicable). Who knows if thats a healthy way to work through my problems? I’m certainly not saying it is, but it certainly isn’t the worst habit I have.

The trick to accomplishing goals even when your goals seem daunting is balancing your demons, because its the self doubt, the low self esteem, the procrastination, the intrusive thoughts, the excuses, the envy, and the lack of faith in our ability to accomplish tasks, that prevents us from actually accomplishing tasks. It’s all about the end game, which is accomplishing goals. The only stipulation is you actually have to put in time and effort to accomplish these goals otherwise you will never see your dreams come to fruition. I refuse to believe dreams stay dreams for the ambitious. The delayed gratification from accomplishing the goals you set for yourself can be some of the most fulfilling feelings on gods green earth, and isn’t that what we’re all doing here? Chasing feelings?



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