Its been a long time, and I hardly recognize you.

Fuck, where do I begin??? I feel like an all brown jigsaw puzzle with different sized pieces! (This isn’t me complaining, this is just me sorting some shit out, and I haven’t had a chance to blog in a while so I’m gonna take this opportunity to really let some shit off of my chest) I want you to play this song while you read, ( ) Or don’t what the fuck do I care.

So I guess I should explain my absence and neglect from my blog, to put it simply, I’ve been busy. Not just with school work but with my personal identity, I’m having a hard time coming to terms with who exactly I really am, and what I really want in life. Ive always liked the idea of being a rambler, someone who doesn’t have ties to anything, who just floats through peoples lives like a summer breeze. Truth is I’m a sucker for old relationships and I hold on to them like a bad habit.

I just don’t like change, which, understandably puts me at a disadvantage because the world is constantly changing and, in my opinion its not healthy to be in the same place for too long, after all, a rolling stone gathers no moss. I shouldn’t compile because I know I don’t have it as tough as many others even in a thirty mile radius, that doesn’t mean I’ve never experienced fucked up things a young impressionable child could experience, it just means I’m doing well right now. I just have a real good understanding that sometimes, the only thing a person can count on in their life is the instability, not knowing what is gonna happen, just that some shit is gonna happen.

So lately I have been doing lots of School work, at the admitted detriment to my health, but you know: Burn the candles at both ends because we have much to be lit! As the workload came to a halt this weekend I spent most of it watching movies and baseball games, a much deserved vacation from the drudgery of print media. Most of the time its just me and my intrusive thoughts in an internal struggle of self doubt and over confidence. With the right amount of luck I could maybe be a state senator, or at the very least a manager at Red Robin.


Ps: if you made it this far thats wonderful, and I just wanted to let you know didn’t edit this piece not one bit, so I guess you can call in unfiltered.



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